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Shipping Young Material

The Sant Grower Truck

This is the fastest, safest, and most preferred method of shipping. This is offered for Ontario and most of Quebec. Trays are packaged in boxes or carts and safely secured to prevent damage. Our drivers are experienced and educated on how to handle plant material. Also, our trucks have climate control specifically dedicated to our plants. This puts us far ahead of other shipping alternatives, ensuring the safest delivery regardless of weather. 

Customer Pickup

Customers may pick up their order directly at the ball warehouse in our facility. There are no order minimums here and customers will be called when their order is ready.

Air Freight

For customers farther away, like Newfoundland, can be shipped via Air Freight. Orders are carefully packaged and shipped through our selected airline.

FedEx Courier

Most orders to the US and parts of Canada are shipped through FedEx. Orders are packaged in our specially sized boxes, and usually take anywhere from 2-3 business days. There are no minimum order requirements.

Third Party Freight

Deliveries to western Canada are usually shipped through a third party freight company. These deliveries are routed by Ball. Delivery time varies based on destination and the freight company.

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